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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can I make?

Our Affiliate program pays you 50% of every signup and every recurring membership sale you generate.

How often do I get paid?

CCBill issues payments weekly, subject to a rolling reserve and according to your sales volume. Minimum settlement amount for a check payment is usually $50.00. Affiliates can have payments wired directly into their bank account for an additional wire payment fee.

How Do I Check my Stats?

You can check your stats at any time through the CCBill Affiliate Admin system. It is secure and easy to use. Click on the "Stats" link above and bookmark it.

Can I put up multiple banners?

Yes. We also suggest you combine banners with promotional text. Please ensure any promotional text you use does not miss-lead the surfer.

Do You Allow Blind Links?

No. Blind links are not accepted as they are generally unproductive. You can use popups providing the surfer is able to shutdown the popup without ending in popup hell.

Remember, If you get caught cheating your account will be terminated and you will not be paid.

Can I submit your content to TGPs, and Pic Posts?

Certain content is only available for use on our hosted galleries. Other content is available to generate your own galleries or for Pic Post submissions - for example. Do not flood a TGP or Pic Post with submissions.

Can I make money from referring other webmasters?

Yes you can!. In fact you will earn 5% of every signup and recurring from every webmaster you refer to our partnership program. We also run additional bonus incentives and competitions from time to time. Refer to the Promotional tools page for link codes.

Affiliate Signup Affiliate FAQs Promotional Content access your stats

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