Welcome to Girlschool Member Support, we hope the following will assist you. If your problem remains unsolved after reading through this page, please contact our support staff via the link below.

Unable to Login?

Please remember your user id and password needs to be entered exactly as you selected it on signup or as it appears in your confirmation email. If you just joined via CCBill you will have been given a random user ID and password. If your subscription has been processed manually your username and password would have been chosen for you.

Regardless of which payment method or billing company you used to join, you'll have a confirmation email that details your login details. Please always refer to this email before contacting us.

Note, if you have joined through Nochex, Transecom or Moneybookers, your subscription is verified manually and it may be up to 24 hours before you receive your login details. Your subscription will not start counting down until we email you.

If you have given your password to third parties, chances are it has been automatically deleted. If more than one person use your user id, you will lose it, so please keep your login information to yourself. We do not reinstate terminated user ids.

Your User ID may have expired or, believe it or not, you may be trying to access the wrong site. Remember, we only support customers of this site - we can't help you trace which site is billing you for what.

How to Access Girlschool using the dialer

To protect the interests of our members we no longer allow access via a dialer. It is a much cheaper option for you to subscribe with a credit card or debit card. US customers can also make a one time charge subscription (1-900) to their phone bill - see the join page for details.

Unable to View Certain Video Services?

Certain live video feeds or streaming video movies may require a specific product or browser plugin to work. Ideally you should have the latest version of Quicktime, Realplayer and/or Windows Media Player installed on your PC. The latest version of Media Player is 9. Whilst every effort is taken to ensure all video feeds work with every browser, some may be browser specific. Ideally you should have Netscape 4 or higher as well as Internet Explorer 5 or higher installed on your machine. We have various streaming options available to suit your internet connection, from 28.8 suitable to broadband feeds.

General Usage Issues

For optimal browsing use Internet Explorer 6, Netscape 4.3 or Netscape 7.

Please make sure you have javascript enabled on your browser.

Contact Member Support

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